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 Recuitment LSPD #1

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PostSubyek: Recuitment LSPD #1   Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:40 am

I. Personal Informations

First Name: Fadel
Last Name: Pratama
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 9th Of September, 1999
Place of Birth: Los Santos
Education: Senior High School of Los Santos
Height: 46kilograms
Weight: 175centimenters

[/b]II. Addressing Information[/b]

Phone Address: -
House Address: -
Vehicles Type: -

III. Another Questions

Have you invoveld into any cases? If yes, explain it: No
Have you ever made an application to our website before?: Yes
Why would you want to be one of our candidate on this 8th academy?: ((Because i'm want to be a cop. My father is a cop. My mother is a Sherrif of SASD. i want to stop the criminal on the Los Santos. My father was dead last year because he was shoted. I very angry. and I want to be a cop. My English is bad. The law in the los santos is bad. And I want to make it firm. I promise, if i be a cop now. I can take the Los Santos to be a Safe City))
Why should us accept you to our departement?: ((You must accept me, because since childhood i very like my father. he is a professional cop. I want to follow my father, he is the professional cop and i want it. I want to make a los santos the professional city. Los santos is a big city. I want to help LSPD. Sorry for my bad english. and one more, LSPD is not a usual organizations. but LSPD is a extraordinary organizations.))
Have you ever joined any government organization?: No
If we denied you, what will you do?: I DO NOT despair, i will try again. Because nothing is impossible in our world.
If we accept you, what will you give to us?: I will give you the best to LSPD

OOC Information

Nama: Fadel Yulis Pratama
Umur: 13
Lokasi: Bogor
Pernah dibanned di BandungGamers RolePlay? Jika iya, kapan dan kenapa? Tidak pernah
Berapa kali anda di prison oleh admin/advisor? dan Alasannya. Tidak pernah
Apakah anda punya mikrofon yang bekerja dengan baik? Iya punya.
Apakah anda mempunyai TeamSpeak 3 yang terinstal? Iya punya.
Apakah anda mengetahui tentang Hukum dan Pemerintahan? Iya tahu.
Level anda di BGRP berapa? 2

Tanda Tangan, [Fadel Pratama]
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PostSubyek: Re: Recuitment LSPD #1   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:30 am


Dear Mr/Mrs Fadel Pratama, We are to announce that you're ACCEPTED in LSPD Open Recruitment, please submit the confirmation in office LSPD.

Best Regards,
Renfred A. Mathilde (Chief of Police).
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Recuitment LSPD #1
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